Salvation | Smart Contract Audit Report | 2021 | QuillAudits

QuillAudits has officially announced the successful completion of the smart contract security audit for Salvation Smart contract. A meticulous and professional security audit was conducted, which checked & ensured the following imperative points:

— The overall quality of code.
— Use of best practices.
— Code documentation and comments match logic and expected behavior.
— Token distribution and calculations are as per the intended behave mentioned in the whitepaper.
— Efficient use of gas.
— Code is safe from re-entrancy and other vulnerabilities.

The audit rigorously checked for any signs of vulnerabilities like Re-entrancy, Timestamp Dependence, Gas Limit, and Loops, DoS with Block Gas Limit, Unchecked external call, Unchecked math, Unsafe type inference, etc., as the contract went through Structural, Static and Dynamic analysis as well as methodical Code Review.

Salvation aspires to drive blockchain adoption by introducing disruptive, trustworthy projects to investors that solve real-world issues and generate value. Salvation enables VC Strategists to propose ecosystem upgrades to suit all market opportunities. Salvation utilizes NFT’s technology to verifiably create a whitelist and presale lists, rewarding long-term community members.

The deployed contracts can be found at:

Several issues of medium and low severity have been reported during the audit, out of which, most of them have been fixed. Some suggestions have also been made to improve the code quality and gas optimization. There were NO critical or major issues found that can break the intended behavior.

The entire audit report with in-depth details about the contract code and its vulnerabilities can be found here —

About QuillAudits

QuillAudits is a secure smart contract audits platform designed by QuillHash Technologies. It is an auditing platform that rigorously analyzes and verifies smart contracts to check for security vulnerabilities through effective manual review with static and dynamic analysis tools, gas analyzers, and simulators. Moreover, the audit process also includes extensive unit testing as well as structural analysis. We conduct both smart contract audits and penetration tests to find potential security vulnerabilities which might harm the platform’s integrity.

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